These are the things I have written over the past years.



  1. Graph potentials and topological quantum field theories

    with Sergey Galkin, Swarnava Mukhopadhyay.


  2. Projectivity and effective global generation of determinantal line bundles on quiver moduli

    with Chiara Damiolini, Hans Franzen, Vicky Hoskins, Svetlana Makarova, Tuomas Tajakka.


  3. Hochschild cohomology of Hilbert schemes of points on surfaces

    with Lie Fu, Andreas Krug.


  4. Rigidity and Schofield's partial tilting conjecture for quiver moduli

    with Ana-Maria Brecan, Hans Franzen, Gianni Petrella, Markus Reineke.


  5. Vector fields and admissible embeddings for quiver moduli

    with Ana-Maria Brecan, Hans Franzen, Markus Reineke.


  6. On decompositions for Fano schemes of intersections of two quadrics

    with Jishnu Bose, Sarah Frei, Ben Gould, James Hotchkiss, Alicia Lamarche, Jack Petok, Cristian Andres Rodriguez Avila, Saket Shah.


Accepted for publication

  1. Homological projective duality for the Segre cubic

    with Thorsten Beckmann.

    accepted for publication in Proceedings of Nottingham Algebraic Geometry Seminar,


  2. On Chow rings of quiver moduli

    with Hans Franzen.

    accepted for publication in IMRN,

    arXiv2307.01711 doi10.1093/imrn/rnad306


  1. Embeddings of algebras in derived categories of surfaces

    with Theo Raedschelders.

    Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, volume 145, number 7, 2017, pages 2757–2770

    arXiv1501.04197 MR3637928 Zbl1378.16035 doi10.1090/proc/13497

  2. The point variety of quantum polynomial rings

    with Kevin De Laet, Lieven Le Bruyn.

    Journal of Algebra, volume 463, 2016, pages 10–22

    arXiv1509.07312 MR3527537 Zbl1454.14043 doi10.1016/j.jalgebra.2016.06.013

  3. Derived categories of noncommutative quadrics and Hilbert squares

    with Theo Raedschelders.

    IMRN, volume 2020, issue 19, pages 6042–6069

    arXiv1605.02795 MR4165471 Zbl1481.14034 doi10.1093/imrn/rny192

  4. Relative tensor triangular Chow groups for coherent algebras

    with Sebastian Klein.

    Journal of Algebra, volume 487, 2017, pages 386–428

    arXiv1607.03423 MR3671198 Zbl1400.14049 doi10.1016/j.jalgebra.2017.05.024

  5. Hochschild cohomology of noncommutative planes and quadrics

    Journal of Noncommutative Geometry, volume 13, 2019, pages 769–795

    arXiv1705.06098 MR3988086 Zbl1429.14002 doi10.4171/JNCG/338

  6. Constructing noncommutative surfaces with exceptional collections of length 4

    with Dennis Presotto.

    Journal of the London Mathematical Society (2), volume 98, 2018, pages 85–103

    arXiv1705.06943 MR3847233 Zbl1441.14008 doi10.1112/jlms.12126

  7. Examples violating Golyshev's canonical strip hypothesis

    with Sergey Galkin, Swarnava Mukhopadhyay.

    Experimental Mathematics, volume 31 (1), 2022, pages 233–237,

    arXiv1806.07648 MR4399121 Zbl1485.14071 doi10.1080/10586458.2019.1602571

    see also the related repositories

  8. Admissible subcategories in derived categories of moduli of vector bundles on curves

    with Swarnava Mukhopadhyay.

    Advances in Mathematics, volume 351, 2019, pages 653–675

    arXiv1807.00216 MR3954042 Zbl1440.14079 doi10.1016/j.aim.2019.05.019

  9. Hilbert squares: derived categories and deformations

    with Lie Fu, Theo Raedschelders.

    Selecta Mathematica, volume 25, 2019, paper 37

    arXiv1810.11873 MR3950704 Zbl1423.14115 doi10.1007/s00029-019-0482-y

  10. Automorphisms of Hilbert schemes of points on surfaces

    with Georg Oberdieck, Jørgen Vold Rennemo.

    Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, volume 373 (9), 2020, pages 6139–6156

    arXiv1907.07064 MR4155174 Zbl1451.14008 doi10.1090/tran/8106

  11. Derived categories of standard flips and cubic hypersurfaces

    with Lie Fu, Theo Raedschelders.

    Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, volume 125 (6), 2022, pages 1452–1482

    arXiv2002.04940 MR4524222 Zbl1520.14029 doi10.1112/plms.12487

  12. Derived categories of the Cayley plane and the coadjoint Grassmannian in type F

    with Alexander Kuznetsov, Maxim Smirnov.

    Transformation Groups, volume 28, 2023, pages 9–34

    arXiv2005.01989 MR4552169 Zbl1517.14031 doi10.1007/s00031-021-09657-w

  13. Projectivity of the moduli space of vector bundles on a curve

    with Jarod Alper, Daniel Bragg, Jason Liang, Tuomas Tajakka.

    SPEC: Stacks Project Expository Collection, chapter 3, pages 90–125

    arXiv2206.06195 MR4480534 Zbl1506.14072 doi10.1017/9781009051897.005

  14. Decompositions of moduli spaces of vector bundles and graph potentials

    with Sergey Galkin, Swarnava Mukhopadhyay.

    Forum of Mathematics, Sigma, volume 11:e16, 2023, pages 1–28

    arXiv2009.05568v3 MR4557892 Zbl1525.14016 doi10.1017/fms.2023.14

  15. Polyvector fields for Fano 3-folds

    with Enrico Fatighenti, Fabio Tanturri.

    Mathematische Zeitschrift, volume 304, 12 (2023)

    arXiv2104.07626 MR4578397 Zbl1516.14077 doi10.1007/s00209-023-03261-2

  16. Hochschild cohomology of generalised Grassmannians

    with Maxim Smirnov.

    Documenta Mathematica, volume 28 (2023), number 1, pages 11–53

    arXiv1911.09414 MR4706032 Zbl1528.14062 doi10.4171/dm/912

  17. Derived categories of (nested) Hilbert schemes

    with Andreas Krug.

    Michigan Mathematical Journal, volume 74, number 1, pages 167–187

    arXiv1909.04321 MR4718496 doi10.1307/mmj/20216092

Preprints needing revision

  1. Comparison of two constructions of noncommutative surfaces with exceptional collections of length 4

    with Dennis Presotto, Michel Van den Bergh.


    We will retitle this to "The Hirzebruch isomorphism for exotic noncommutative surfaces".

  2. Moduli spaces of semiorthogonal decompositions in families

    with Shinnosuke Okawa, Andrea Ricolfi.


  3. Indecomposability of derived categories in families

    with Francesco Bastianelli, Shinnosuke Okawa, Andrea Ricolfi.


  4. Graph potentials and symplectic geometry of moduli spaces of vector bundles

    with Sergey Galkin, Swarnava Mukhopadhyay.


Preprints nearing completion

  1. A combinatorial non-abelian Torelli theorem and random walks

    with Sergey Galkin, Swarnava Mukhopadhyay.

Other publications

  1. Semiorthogonal decompositions for moduli of sheaves on curves

    Oberwolfach Reports 24/2018, Interactions between Algebraic Geometry and Noncommutative Algebra, pages 1473–1476

    doi10.14760/OWR-2018-24 pdflink

  2. Comparing definitions of Hochschild cohomology for algebraic stacks

    Advances in Mathematics, volume 364, 2020

    arXiv1809.08715 MR4057490 Zbl1435.14005 doi10.1016/j.aim.2020.106978

    appendix to The Hochschild cohomology ring of a global quotient orbifold, by Cris Negron and Travis Schedler

  3. How do semiorthogonal decompositions behave in families?

    Oberwolfach Reports 19/2020, Algebraic Geometry: Moduli Spaces, Birational Geometry and Derived Aspects, pages 985–989

    doi10.14760/OWR-2020-19 pdflink

  4. Projectivity of good moduli spaces of semistable quiver representations and vector bundles

    Oberwolfach Reports 22/2022, Interactions between Algebraic Geometry and Noncommutative Algebra

    doi10.14760/OWR-2022-23 pdflink

  5. Mirror symmetry for moduli of rank 2 bundles on a curve

    Oberwolfach Reports 32/2022, Algebraic Geometry: Moduli Spaces, Birational Geometry and Derived Aspects

    doi10.14760/OWR-2022-32 pdflink

  6. Hochschild cohomology of Hilbert schemes of points

    Oberwolfach Reports 20/2024, Hochschild (co)homology and applications

    doi10.14760/OWR-2024-20 pdflink

For a broader audience

  1. Het Stacks project

    with Aise Johan de Jong.

    Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde (serie 5), volume 21 (3), 2020, pages 167–173


  2. Curating Online Mathematical Resources

    Notices of the American Mathematical Society, volume 69 (9), 2021, pages 1524–1527

    doi10.1090/noti2344 pdflink

  3. The periodic tables of algebraic geometry

    Snapshots of modern mathematics from Oberwolfach, 2023, number 2

    doi10.14760/SNAP-2023-002-EN pdflink

Lecture notes

  • Stratification of triangulated categories


    notes for the lecture series by Henning Krause at the summer school on derived categories in Nantes (with corrections by Henning Krause, thanks!)

  • Grothendieck duality


    notes for a lecture series on Grothendieck duality for a graduate student seminar

  • Hochschild (co)homology, and the Hochschild–Kostant–Rosenberg decomposition


    lecture notes for Advanced Topics in Algebra, a course from 2018 at the University of Bonn (to be expanded in the future)

Not intended for publication

  • Segre symbols


    short note defining Segre symbols as a method of classifying base loci of pencils of quadric hypersurfaces

  • Artin–Schelter regular algebras versus smooth projective varieties


    short note, possibly to be extended at some point

Non-mathematical writing

  • The fugue and the guitar


    final project for my composition course (in Dutch)

This gives the following list of coauthors: Jarod Alper, Francesco Bastianelli, Thilo Baumann, Thorsten Beckmann, Jishnu Bose, Daniel Bragg, Ana-Maria Brecan, Chiara Damiolini, Aise Johan de Jong, Kevin De Laet, Enrico Fatighenti, Hans Franzen, Sarah Frei, Lie Fu, Sergey Galkin, Ben Gould, Vicky Hoskins, James Hotchkiss, Colin Ingalls, Sebastian Klein, Andreas Krug, Alexander Kuznetsov, Alicia Lamarche, Lieven Le Bruyn, Jason Liang, Svetlana Makarova, Swarnava Mukhopadhyay, Georg Oberdieck, Shinnosuke Okawa, Jack Petok, Gianni Petrella, Dennis Presotto, Theo Raedschelders, Markus Reineke, Andrea Ricolfi, Jørgen Vold Rennemo, Cristian Andres Rodriguez Avila, Saket Shah, Maxim Smirnov, Tuomas Tajakka, Fabio Tanturri, Michel Van den Bergh, Okke van Garderen

Editorial work

Stacks Project Expository Collection, published by Cambridge University Press in the London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series, number 480

Table of contents (with links to preprint versions of chapters whenever available)

  1. Projectivity of the moduli of curves, by Raymond Cheng, Carl Lian and Takumi Murayama
  2. The stack of admissible covers is algebraic, by Elsa Corniani, Neeraj Deshmukh, Brett Nasserden, Emanuel Reinecke, Nawaz Sultani and Rachel Webb
  3. Projectivity of the moduli space of vector bundles on a curve, by Jarod Alper, Pieter Belmans, Daniel Bragg, Jason Liang and Tuomas Tajakka
  4. Boundedness of semistable sheaves, by Haoyang Guo, Sanal Shivaprasad, Dylan Spence and Yueqiao Wu
  5. Theorem of the Base, by Raymond Cheng, Lena Ji, Matt Larson and Noah Olander
  6. Weil restriction for schemes and beyond, by Lena Ji, Shizhang Li, Patrick McFaddin, Drew Moore and Matthew Stevenson
  7. Heights over finitely generated fields, by Stephen McKean and Soumya Sankar
  8. An explicit self-duality, by Nikolas Kuhn, Devlin Mallory, Vaidehee Thatte and Kirsten Wickelgren
  9. Tannakian reconstruction of coalgebroids, by Yifei Zhao


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