I have a healthy interest in mathematics on the internet:

Moreover I like interactive mathematics:

Stacks project

First and foremost, I am the developer of the Stacks project. To quote its description:

It is an open source textbook and reference work on algebraic stacks and the algebraic geometry needed to define them.

I am responsible for the website, which contains some (in my opinion) exciting features, such as the LaTeX preview (including commutative diagrams) and dependency graphs.


ncag.info aims to be something like a portal website for noncommutative algebraic geometry. At the moment it consists of a regularly updated list of conferences in the field.

le superficie algebriche

le superficie algebriche is a tool to study the Enriques–Kodaira classification of compact complex surfaces. It is joint with Johan Commelin. If you feel like contributing, see GitHub.


I also have smaller projects: