These are some of the things I have written over the past few years, all preprints are on the arXiv.



  1. The point variety of quantum polynomial rings, joint with Kevin De Laet and Lieven Le Bruyn (arXiv:1509.07312),
    published in Journal of Algebra, volume 463, 10–22
  2. Embeddings of algebras in derived categories of surfaces, joint with Theo Raedschelders (arXiv:1501.04197),
    published in Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, volume 145, number 7, 2757–2770
  3. Relative tensor triangular Chow groups for coherent algebras, joint with Sebastian Klein (arXiv:1607.03423)
    published in Journal of Algebra, volume 487, 386–428

Accepted for publication

  1. Constructing noncommutative surfaces with exceptional collections of length 4, joint with Dennis Presotto (arXiv:1705.06943), accepted for publication in Journal of the London Mathematical Society


  1. Derived categories of noncommutative quadrics and Hilbert schemes, joint with Theo Raedschelders (arXiv:1605.02795)
  2. Hochschild cohomology of noncommutative planes and quadrics (arXiv:1705.06098)
  3. Examples violating Golyshev's canonical strip hypothesis, joint with Sergey Galkin and Swarnava Mukhopadhyay (available on request, see also the relatd repositories 1 and 2)

In preparation

  1. Comparing two constructions of a noncommutative del Pezzo surface, joint with Dennis Presotto and Michel Van den Bergh
  2. Artin–Schelter regular algebras versus smooth projective varieties (very preliminary version, maybe to be rewritten with stronger results)
  3. Derived categories of moduli spaces of rank $\geq 3$ vector bundles on curves, joint with Swarnava Mukhopadhyay


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