Time for a list of interesting things that appeared the past two weeks.

  • Symplectic and Poisson derived geometry and deformation quantization by Tony Pantev and Gabriele Vezzosi is a chapter for the proceedings of the AMS Summer Institute in algebraic geometry which happened last year in Salt Lake City. Besides being a nice introduction to symplectic and Poisson structures in derived algebraic geometry, and a fitting follow-up on Bertrand Toën's chapter from 10 years before, it also features a complaint about the state of funding for science in Italy:

    He would like to point out the serious problems of scientific research in public universities in Italy, due to the substantial lack of acknowledgement from our government of the important cultural and social role of public research in a modern country, and to the subsequent largely insufficient investment of government funds into public research and universities.

  • Survey on some aspects of Lefschetz theorems in algebraic geometry by Hélène Esnault is exactly what it says, a nice survey of Lefschetz-type results.

  • A calculus for the moduli space of curves by Rahul Pandharipande is another chapter for the proceedings of the summer institute. I always liked enumerative geometry, and this is a very nice overview of the state of the art.

  • Lovely little lemmas by Remy van Dobben de Bruyn. He just published two related blog posts (The Larsen--Lunts theorem and Number of points modulo q is a stable birational invariant) which are a very lovely lemmas indeed!