This fortnight's interesting reads.

  • A while ago I blogged about the future of MathJax. One of the main points in that white paper is that MathML does not seem to be catching on as a web standard, and that MathJax should not be built based on the idea that wide-spread MathML adaptation in browsers is going to be here any time soon.

    Continuing on this thought, Peter Krautzberger, who is one of the lead developers of MathJax, wrote a very interesting blog post MathML is a failed web standard describing exactly why it failed to be implemented, motivating some of the design choices discussed in "On towards MathJax 3.0".

    Also very interesting is Paul Topping's answer to Peter's blog post, Response to Peter Krautzberger’s "MathML is a failed web standard".

  • Ed Segal's All autoequivalences are spherical twists is a fun to read preprint about how every autoequivalence can be constructed as a spherical twist by using a monad construction.

  • Picture this maths is a weblog I just discovered. Check it out!