Earlier this week we (= Wei Ho, Johan de Jong and I) sent the final version of Stacks Project Expository Collection to the publisher. It is a collection of expository articles on modern topics in algebraic geometry (often featuring something stacky) written by groups participating in the Stacks project workshops in 2017 and 2020. It will be published by Cambridge University Press in the London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series, number 480.

The table of contents, with links to preprints whenever available is:

  1. Projectivity of the moduli of curves, by Raymond Cheng, Carl Lian and Takumi Murayama
  2. The stack of admissible covers is algebraic, by Elsa Corniani, Neeraj Deshmukh, Brett Nasserden, Emanuel Reinecke, Nawaz Sultani and Rachel Webb
  3. Projectivity of the moduli space of vector bundles on a curve, by Jarod Alper, Pieter Belmans, Daniel Bragg, Jason Liang and Tuomas Tajakka
  4. Boundedness of semistable sheaves, by Haoyang Guo, Sanal Shivaprasad, Dylan Spence and Yueqiao Wu
  5. Theorem of the Base, by Raymond Cheng, Lena Ji, Matt Larson and Noah Olander
  6. Weil restriction for schemes and beyond, by Lena Ji, Shizhang Li, Patrick McFaddin, Drew Moore and Matthew Stevenson
  7. Heights over finitely generated fields, by Stephen McKean and Soumya Sankar
  8. An explicit self-duality, by Nikolas Kuhn, Devlin Mallory, Vaidehee Thatte and Kirsten Wickelgren
  9. Tannakian reconstruction of coalgebroids, by Yifei Zhao

We are grateful to CUP for allowing the posting of these preprint versions of individual chapters, and for the opportunity to publish this book in the first place!