• msinvar is a SageMath package (being) written by Sergey Mozgovoy, to compute invariants of moduli spaces associated to quivers and curves. As a very special case it does the Poincaré polynomial of the moduli space of quiver representations I talked about a little while ago, but it does much more!

  • James Pascaleff, Nicolò Sibilla: Fukaya categories of higher-genus surfaces and pants decompositions discusses homological mirror symmetry for the Fukaya category of a closed Riemann surface of genus $g\geq 2$. The picture in this paper seems to significantly clean up the somewhat messy picture (in my limited understanding) that existed before, and looks really interesting!

  • Tudor Pădurariu: Noncommutative resolutions and intersection cohomology for quotient singularities constructs noncommutative resolutions of good moduli spaces of Artin stacks. Very cool!

    I also think that I got inspired by paragraph 1.2 in this paper to come up with the speculation in the previous blogpost. But I don't think moduli stacks of semistable vector bundles satisfy assumption B from that paper, so one can't apply the results verbatim. Maybe after a rigidification to get rid of the generic stabiliser.