It's not a secret to anyone reading my blog that I like making mathematical websites, and over the past days I've had some more fun on my current project:

  • a page dedicated to Freudenthal's magic square and its role in projective geometry (see Landsberg–Manivel, [MR1832903])
  • a page for each root system, containing the data found in e.g. Bourbaki's appendix (this is not yet complete though, I need to sit down and decide how to present some of the data)
  • all but the data on projective embeddings is generated on the spot, so if for some reason you care about $\mathrm{OGr}(12,32)$ you could get information on that (but the system is not meant to be 100% robust yet, so you will likely get an error if you try)

The big thing missing is of course some explanation for all the data which is there. Also, do you have suggestions, requests or comments? Please get in touch!