• a translation project for Grothendieck's EGA is an English translation of Éléments de géométrie algébrique. There is a beautifully typeset pdf, and the website is using the same framework (hence has all the same features) as the Stacks project. I'm really glad someone has taken Gerby and done something with it!

  • Homological Mirror Symmetry and Topological Recursion is the conference webpage for a recent conference in Miami, part of the Simons Collaboration on Homological Mirror Symmetry. And as usual for conferences in this collaboration, there are excellent videos and lecture notes for many talks.

    I strongly urge you take a look at the third lecture of Kontsevich. I have stated it before, and I will state it again: the details for those results are something I am really looking forward to!

Nothing special happened for the 100th fortnightly links. Except it being a few days late, and not containing any arXiv links (did I not pay proper attention?)