Not that this blog is considered to be the medium for all my personal tidbits, but to sketch a little context for what I might be blogging about in the upcoming year I think it is appropriate to explain my current whereabouts and plans.

I will be doing the second year of the master in mathematics at Ecole Polytechnique and Université Paris-Sud XI, specializing in algebraic geometry and number theory. So this means my blog might get a little more focus where mathematics is concerned. And probably I will be creating all kinds of LaTeX templates tailored to my current home universities :).

The first thing I intend to blog about has nothing to do with number theory or algebraic geometry (so much for focus...) but is a follow-up on Some trivia on derived subgroups, based on a lecture I followed at the IHES on quasi-morphisms. Just wait a little more while I type up my notes.