I am happy to announce you the new website for the Stacks project. For those of you who are not familiar the Stacks project:

It is an open source textbook and reference work on algebraic stacks and the algebraic geometry needed to define them.

A long time ago I wrote about the Stacks project, when I just discovered it. Back then I didn't know what a scheme is let alone a stack. And right now I still don't know what a stack is. But as you might guess my contribution is the new website, not some chapter on those mysterious algebraic stacks.

First of all there is a new location: stacks.math.columbia.edu. All old URL's will redirect to the new location by the way. The highlights of the new version are:

  1. tag lookup: all results are given a tag, which is a unique and permanent identifier, if someone refers to "tag 03EV" you can look up its statement
  2. comments: it is possible to discuss tags, pointing out typos, mistakes, or ask questions about it, it is possible to use Markdown and LaTeX in comments
  3. browse: you can browse the project online, choose a chapter, look at its contents and you can navigate sequentially from tag to tag on the tag lookup page
  4. fulltext search: if you come across the limits of searching a pdf you can use the fulltext search, which allows searching for tags or sections containing keywords, with the option to include or exclude proofs and the use of wildcards, logical operators and whatnot

There is also the official announcement, which already suggests the beta nature of the new website. Lots of functionality has been written, and there might (and probably will) be bugs. In case you come across one, you can either mail the Stacks project, leave a comment on the official announcement or on this post.