Activity has been low on my weblog for the last few weeks. This has several causes, an important one being #angs@t / angs+, the seminar group blog for a seminar course on noncommutative geometry. So far I have written a series of three posts on the $abc$-conjecture and the related Mason-Stothers theorem and I am in the process of writing a five-post series on scheme theory and a possible approach to geometry over $\mathbb{F}_1$ using a generalization of schemes. And even more: I might write a post (or a few) on some interpretations of the Cartier functor (or functor of big Witt vectors) and the related notion of a ring equipped with Adams operations, relating it to lambda-rings, the Burnside ring of the infinite cyclic group and necklace algebras. After this seminar I will be a semi-professional math blogger, so expect some more math posts here :).