Announcement: I am contributing to a group blog (or seminar blog) with the neverendingauthor and my fellow students who follow the seminar on noncommutative geometry, also known as #angs@t / angs+ (depending on your favourite social network) which is short for Antwerp noncommutative geometry seminar. Students are encouraged to take some of the lecture duties on them, posting their preparations on the seminar blog. Or if you just have something (tangentially) relevant to share just share it.

I have prepared a series of three short lectures on the $abc$-conjecture, the analogous Mason-Stothers theorem and facts about both. No highbrow mathematics, but I found writing them quite entertaining. Here is the first part: first part: The $abc$-conjecture and some generalities.

In the process of writing these I experienced that latex2wp is a nice tool, but suffers from some problems. The output is not suited for MathJax and I have some peculiarities in my writing it didn't cope with. If I feel like it I will fork a project on GitHub, trying to improve it. Speaking of GitHub, all my efforts for #angs@t / angs+ will be versioned in pbelmans/-angs-t---angs- (GitHub doesn't like special characters). Expect the TeX versions of my preparations and some Sage code in order to create nice TikZ figures.