For those who have been waiting eagerly for more news on my computational composition project: I have rushed it a little. I should've spent more time familiarizing myself with the Oz programming language, some of the concepts are fundamentally different from the paradigms I've learnt so far. And then my summer job as a postman was a bit more time-consuming than it was in previous years.

But now I'll try to make up for my hybris, learn Oz (and Strasheela) thoroughly and continue the project. I am considering a post (or several) discussing the peculiarities from the perspective of a generic computer science student who doesn't know anything about exotic paradigms but is rather fluent in C++. This "learning by blogging" approach is quite popular on math blogs, so maybe I should check it out :).

  1. Computational composition: the kick start
  2. Installing the Mozart Programming System
  3. Installing Strasheela
  4. Development of the Fuxian counterpoint project is now available at GitHub
  5. Struggling with Oz
  6. Counterpoint in Gregorian modes