This is the schedule for the working group seminar for the representation theory group at the University of Bonn. This semester's topic is Heisenberg categorification (maybe we will cover double affine Hecke algebras later in the semester).

The seminar runs Friday afternoon, 14:15–15:45, in 1.008

April 12
Catharina Stroppel
Heisenberg algebras and a graphical calculus
April 25 (!)
Hankyung Ko
The quantum Heisenberg algebra
This talk is at 16:15–17:45, in the Zeichensaal, Wegelerstra├če 10
May 3
Vinoth Nandakumar
The quantum Heisenberg algebra (II)
May 10
Tomasz Przezdziecki
The elliptic Hall algebra
May 16 (!)
Catharina Stroppel
The elliptic Hall algebra
May 17
Thorsten Heidersdorf
Hochschild homology of the quantum Heisenberg category
May 24
Ruslan Maksimau
Properties of elliptic Hall algebras
May 31
Pieter Belmans
The 2-category $\operatorname{Hilb}S$
June 7
Rostislav Devyatov
The Heisenberg action on $\operatorname{Hilb}S$
June 21
Emily Norton
Action of the quantum Heisenberg category on module categories for Hecke and Cherednik algebras