Today is the International Day of Women & Girls in Science, and this is a good opportunity to advertise an event we are organising at the University of Bonn:


stands for Graduate Research Opportunities for Women (and the @Bonn only signifies that the event is taking place there, not that we claim it is the only place where this is possible, or where there seems to be room for improvement). It is modeled after earlier events in the United States (see e.g. the website for the 2021 edition).

It's an event aimed at undergraduate students at universities in the broader area around Bonn (with pandemic travel restrictions and whatnot), where we will have

  • lectures
  • panel discussions about graduate research in the mathematical sciences
  • networking opportunities
  • advice on preparing applications for graduate school (masters and PhD)

For more information, and registration, I refer you to the workshop's website.

I fully expect that the average reader of this blog is not in the target audience of the workshop, but if you are supervising students in the target demographic, please pass along the message!