• Noncommutative shapes: half-way event is the webpage for the one-day online workshop we held yesterday. It was really great to see so many people! And there are recordings of the excellent talks by Kuznetsov and Gualtieri, and even notes for the latter.

  • String applet is an amazing tool by Jan Geuenich to study finite-dimensional from within your browser. This is such a great tool, and it should be known much more widely, so please spread the word!

    Every refresh it will generate an interesting random example for you to tinker with, and you can also input your own algebras of interest.

  • Stefan Schröer: Algebraic spaces that become schematic after ground field extension constructs examples of the funny phenomenon described in the title. I like it when papers make me smile.

  • Turn integer sequences into music is a funny feature of the OEIS I only noticed now. The default settings for the number of divisors of $n$ gives a very danse macabre-style result. Composers can have great fun with this I think!