It's should come as no surprise that I like

  • making websites
  • classification results

In order to learn a bit more about the classification of hyperkähler varieties, I therefore created

The interesting thing for me about hyperkähler varieties (for a gentle introduction one is referred elsewhere, e.g. Debarre's notes, O'Grady's notes, or Huybrechts' chapter in the book Calabi-Yau manifolds and related geometries) is that there are

  • very strong structural results one can prove
  • very few (in some sense) examples known

Not even the finiteness of the number of deformation families is known for instance! So on the website I've collected interesting information about the known deformation types, with some explanation and a reference.

This is still work-in-progress, but I decided to put this live now, because there will be a workshop dedicated to hyperkähler geometry next week, for which this might be useful.

Thanks to Thorsten Beckmann, Daniel Huybrechts and Jieao Song for interesting discussions surrounding hyperkähler varieties.