It's hard to resist a fun programming project when you think of it, so I spent some time over the past 2 days implementing It is still very much work-in-progress, and I plan to add significantly later, but it's already functional so hopefully someone might already find it useful. It's a periodic table-like visualisation of Grassmannians (not just in type A). This supersedes some blog posts I made earlier with various invariants of Grassmannians, which I find myself looking up repeatedly, and so hopefully it is also useful to other people.

This is of course far from complete. Some of the things I plan on adding:

  • Betti numbers
  • information about known exceptional collections (and Lefschetz collections, and homological projective duality); which is (obviously) my own interest in this

In particular, there will be separate pages for each Grassmannian with more detailed information, because it's hard to fit all of this coherently on the current periodic table. Feel free to make suggestions!

I also know that the interface looks a bit ugly, with the silly radio buttons, and no legend for the colors, etc. etc. It's really v0.1alpha! By putting this out now, I'm hoping to get some useful comments, and also get back to more urgent things.