Apologies if I have missed your amazing arXiv preprint, but somehow I haven't written down any the past 2 weeks.

  • Topics in tropical geometry are lecture notes (pdf) by Antoine Chambert-Loir on tropical geometry. Ideal lockdown reading material!

  • This week I woke up and I said to myself: having an arXiv diff tool would be great. Turns out someone (no idea who!) already implemented this at arxivdiff.com. Great!

  • The following link is not mathematical at all, but it has been an important project of mine in the past weeks, in the light of the COVID-19 crisis: maakjemondmasker.be is a project which we started over a month ago, providing people with information on how to make your own face masks and how to use them. There are absolutely amazing people working on this project, and it's great to leave your little academia bubble a bit, whilst contributing my at best mediocre web development skills to the good cause.