More than 4 years ago Johan Commelin and I created superficie algebriche, an interactive visualisation of the Enriques–Kodaira classification of minimal smooth algebraic surfaces (see the blog post). I'm visiting Johan in Freiburg at the moment, and we've just now

  • added more surfaces (today we've added surfaces with $\mathrm{p}_{\mathrm{g}}=\mathrm{q}=3$ and $\mathrm{p}_{\mathrm{g}}=\mathrm{q}=2$, over the past years we've added various others)
  • added functionality to add references to MathSciNet and arXiv

Wanted Are you an expert on algebraic surfaces and do you want to see more surfaces added here? Please get in touch then! It is extremely easy to add surfaces, as long as we know where in the literature to find good descriptions for them.

Some ideas of the things we would like to add now that we understand the geometry of algebraic surfaces a bit better than we did in 2015 are:

  • properties of the Albanese map
  • properties of bicanonical map (and others)

We're thinking on how to present this in a convenient way now, and please get in touch with any comments you might have!