A second fortnightly links within a week, what is this madness?

  • New spaces in mathematics and physics is a "collective book project", roughly based on a conference in 2015, discussing the directions in which geometry is evolving. So far the book is still unpublished, but roughly half of the links in the table of contents are clickable and lead to preprint versions of these chapters.

    The chapter which is closest to my interests (i.e. the one of Kontsevich) is not yet available though, I will have to wait for the published version to read it I guess.

  • Christian Nöbel: Higher degree symmetric powers is a bachelor thesis (under the supervision of Daniel Huybrechts), which explains how symmetric powers of curves actually determine the curve, i.e. a Torelli-type result.

    Aside from the nice exposition, it points out an issue in the literature for the case of $g=2$ and $\operatorname{Sym}^dC$ with $d\geq 3$.

  • Alexander Soibelman: Lecture notes on quiver representations and moduli problems in algebraic geometry is what it says it is. They look very well-written, and give a nice overview.