This is a short post detailing some updates I have done to Fanography, as I presume not everyone is reading the commit log on GitHub.

  • various fixes of mistakes and typos
  • added special names, such as Gushel–Mukai 3-fold or Verra 3-fold
  • added alternative descriptions
  • added information on toric Fano 3-folds, so that table 12.8 of the Iskovskikh–Prokhorov book is now also contained in Fanography, including links to the Graded Ring Database

Update for the update: After having published this post I decided to buckle up and add links to the period sequences on GRDB and Fanosearch. Because the numbering changed and the numbering of rank 4 Fano 3-folds wasn't entirely consistent it was quite time-consuming, but it's there now.

You can contribute too!

Is there anything else you would like to see, or could contribute yourself?