So, last week we had the Stacks project workshop. And it was fun!


I think that participants enjoyed the setup of working in small groups on a specific topic, with the possibility that they could write up what they have learnt and put this in the Stacks project. Most of the topics were chosen with a somewhat easy inclusion in the Stacks project in mind, and at least two groups are publicly sharing their progress on this:

I'll let you know when there is more information about this.

Non-mathematical sessions

I was responsible for the non-mathematical sessions. The topics, and slides for these are

The contribution session was particularly productive, something on the order of 50 references to EGA added to the Stacks project. Moreover, during the week, 10 people have directly contributed to the Stacks project using GitHub.

New website for the Stacks project

Let's bring it into the open: we are working on a new website. We are starting from scratch, and the goal is to have a much more flexible system. We want it to be compatible with other large manuscripts which exist only as pdf's right now, but for which there is a demand to have a more searchable and navigable version with a persistent referencing system like the tags used by the Stacks project. The new website project is called Gerby by the way.

The three relevant repositories:

The most complicated part is getting our fork of plasTeX to work properly, and that is the main focus for now. Later we will develop a new mobile-friendly website. I'll discuss things more in a later blogpost.

Stacks project hoodies

Cathy (also known as mathbabe) designed Stacks project hoodies. They are awesome!

Fun fact: the dependency graph on the back belongs to tag 00N1. The slogan beneath the graph is taken from the paper What makes a complex exact? by Buchsbaum–Eisenbud. The same duo also has What annihilates a module?, but this result isn't in the Stacks project as far as I can tell, though it could make for an equally mysterious slogan.