The past few months I have written the final project for my music theory course. It concerns the fugue as a musical form, on the classical guitar. I did three things:

  1. an introduction to the fugue, using examples from the guitar literature
  2. a detailed structural analysis of 3 important fugues in the guitar literature:
    1. the fugue from Bach's third violin sonata
    2. the fugue from Ponce's Folia de España
    3. the fugue from Castelnuovo--Tedesco's Fuga elegiaca
  3. a global comparison between Castelnuovo--Tedesco's 24 preludes and fugues (Les guitares bien tempérées) and Bach's 48 preludes and fugues from Das wohltemperierte Klavier

One possible downside might of course be that it is in Dutch. If you are interested in something specific, but don't read Dutch just ask. I will also discuss certain aspects of it on my blog later on.