The original title for this blog featured music, and this year I've been working on my end year project for my music theory course which concerns the fugue on guitar. I will discuss some of the things I've learned on this blog in the next weeks, but for now I wanted to share my excitement about the release of Nikita Koshkin's cycle of 24 preludes and fugues. Besides the famous Castelnuovo–Tedesco cycle for 2 guitars, and Rekhin's not so famous cycle for solo guitar, this is the third such cycle for classical guitar, and based on the recordings on YouTube (a minor, f# minor, C minor) this one is amazing. Just listen to the fugue in a minor for instance, in this beautiful rendition of Asya Selyutina.

So they are now available from the publisher's website:

  1. C major to B major
  2. F# major to F major

I hope to play through some of these preludes and fugues in the near future, and more importantly I hope there will be a full recording soon.