My first post was little over six years ago, and it has become time to move my weblog from WordPress to Jekyll, integrating it with my personal webpage. I have become a great fan of Jekyll, and after so many years I started to dislike the fact that I had two completely disjoint websites: one for blogging, and the other acting more like my business card. This is no longer the case now.

Over the past few days I had loads of fun converting all my blogposts, fixing some of the HTML and MathJax issues. It is more than likely that something did break during the move, if you see something, please get in touch. I hope the automatic WordPress site redirect is doing everything it needs to do, and if you still use feed aggregators I hope this one showed up in your mailbox.

At some point I intend to integrate some of the interesting comments I have gotten over the year. I really enjoyed some of the interactions, but moving to Jekyll means that I had to abandon the comments system. If you have something to say, just email me and if necessary I can include your comments.