Today I decided to spend some time improving the website for the Stacks project, fixing bugs and implementing some small improvements. I grouped the issues in the GitHub issue tracker that I wanted to address. Here are two highlights, not because the bugfix was interesting, but because you might learn something about how to use the website.

  • the search now works better with quotes: If you want to learn about quasicoherent sheaves in the Stacks project, you should first of all know that the spelling quasi-coherent is used. Then it is important to know that if you want to use the search function to find results about quasi-coherent sheaves, you should enclose it with quotes. I.e. the following would be a way of looking for tags mentioning quasi-coherent sheaves on a stack:

    "quasi-coherent" stack

    Because of a silly implementation mistake by yours truly, the search would be successful, but the keywords would disappear from the search field. This is now fixed.

  • the captcha is now easier to read: I love it when you can make something better by such a little change. We are now using a font that distinguishes between '0' and 'O to display the tag identifier. This was a nice idea by Brian Conrad, thanks!

The other bugs are not very interesting, and most of them had a nearly trivial fix anyway.