This year's New Year's resolution is to fortnightly post a list of interesting links. I will start today with the following list.

  • Bruno Kahn, Fonctions zêta et L de variétés et de motifs: back in 2013 I studied in Paris, and I took the course for which the (wonderful!) notes are now completely redacted. If I know anything about étale cohomology, motives, zeta functions or intersection theory it is largely because of this course (and the other motives course in Paris 7). If you have time to spare, it's a very good read!
  • The Rising Sea: Daniel Murfet's collection of excellent notes on algebra and algebraic geometry is well-known, but 2 weeks ago something went wrong with the hosting company. But his new website is now online, together with some new material on matrix factorisations in computer algebra. Maybe he'll start blogging too?
  • Hard Arithmetic: another weblog to add to your RSS-readers (or am I the only one still using this?) is the one by Alex Youcis. Not sure whether one can expect more activity in the future, but the past posts are extremely good reads.
  • Michael Artin and the Muses: not sure how I stumbled upon this, but it's a video of Mike Artin teaching, when he is interrupted by a real-life singing Valentine card.