I accidentally published a draft of a post, so in case you are confused about where it has gone, you will see it soon.

More interesting news is that we have developed a new feature for the Stacks project. It is now possible to add references to the literature, as outlined in References, slogans and history. You will see it live later today. With this functionality in place, implementing slogans and history is a piece of cake. To see it in action, check out tag 001P (also called Nakayama's lemma).

The 'we' in the previous paragraph is by the way no longer just Johan de Jong and I, but for increased confusion during mail conversations Johan Commelin joined us.

And I have also magically made the Stacks project website up to 15 times faster. Whenever you opened a long tag view page (e.g. one that contains a whole section) the loading times were too long (more than a second, up to 4 in the worst cases...) This is now fixed. In case you think I am a guru programmer, think again, I just realised that I needed to put an index on a certain column...