I have created a beamer theme for the University of Ghent (as the title already suggests), inspired by the excellent beamer theme for the University of Antwerp created by Nico Schlömer. There is already an implementation, but it doesn't meet the style guide and it is only available out-of-the-box for the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture.

So I have decided to implement a UGent beamer theme myself, adhering to the style guide and following the philosophy set out by Nico. The implementation is available at GitHub, by means of the ugent-beamer project. I have rewritten Nico's documentation to match my personal view on the subject of beamer themes, the result is available as a separate download. In case you wish to use the theme and you're not that git-savvy, you can download the archive at the Downloads page. It contains all the necessary files, including the documentation.

The first two slides from the example I have supplied are

An example slide from the UGent beamer theme

A second example slide from the UGent beamer theme

Installing beamer themes can be quite a hassle if you're not acquainted with the inner workings of MiKTeX or TeX Live, but it should be thoroughly explained in the documentation. If anything is not clear or something is wrong, please let me know. As for now, there are still several things I would like to do with the theme in the future, they are listed at the Issues page.