Just like last year I gave a LaTeX course in Dutch, for students at the University of Antwerp. Now it's time to share my material with the world. Remark that it is explicitly tailored at the student population: I've used the (non-optimal) configuration of the computers there as the starting point of my classes. And as the target population consists of students at the Faculty of Sciences (and by extension the Faculty of Economy), the main focus lies on their core activities: math, code, beamer, a little bit of chemistry. A course especially written for humanities students would be an interesting thing to make, but that's out of the question now :). The slides aren't perfect, but I'm quite satisfied with them.

Anyhow, in case you want to use my material (conceived as 4 weeks of 3 hours classes each), please contact me, but otherwise you're free to use them for your own benefit. The actual material is available at the ACM Antwerp LaTeX course page (not complete yet), the code necessary to create it is available at github.com/pbelmans/Dutch-LaTeX-course (where else...), using pdflatex --shell-escape slides and building several times should do the trick if you've got Pygments with correct Pygments style and the correct beamer theme installed.

I realize this post has little or no value if you don't speak Dutch, my apologies if this applies to you.