This afternoon I decided to check out biber and babelbib, transforming some of my projects I've done to this combination. But as most of my writing is done in Dutch I quickly encountered some issues with the current version (i.e., version 1.6 of biblatex):

  • spelling mistakes
  • inconsistencies
  • there are still English words in the translated text
  • incomplete translations (although the parts that were missing won't show up in your every day scenario, it's rather nit-picky)
  • boring implementation of ordinal numbers (1e and 19e instead of 1ste and 19de)

As I've done before in A correct implementation of the Dutch language in babelbib, I have updated the necessary files. And in my current GitHub mania, I have uploaded this little project to

I have filed a contribution request at biblatex's SourceForge project page (GitHub is definitely superior SourceForge by the way) hoping it will be accepted in version 1.7 of biblatex, but in the meanwhile you can use this fix directly if you want. Just place dutch.lbx in $TEXMFHOME/tex/latex/biblatex/lbx/ creating the directories as you go (as discussed in Adding ~/.texmf to TeX Live 2011′s directories, or installing beamer themes). It should automatically supersede the dutch.lbx that's present in $TEXMF/tex/latex/biblatex/lbx.

Of course, any contributions or remarks are always welcome, but I suspect the majority of my readers don't speak Dutch.