Some people may have realized it by looking at their aggregators and more specifically the date I posted on. I followed a "one post in three days" schedule for December. I wrote some short snippets in between but all my "real" posts were scheduled 3 days from each other. This way I could build up a backlog of material when I felt inspired :).

Some conclusions:

  • there are many things to blog about;
  • it is amazing how fast a post gets body, i.e. gets long enough to be more than a side note;
  • scheduling posts is the best invention in WordPress ever;
  • I actually use my own posts on LaTeX when I need the topic I wrote about, they provide a good overview of what I deemed useful about that little part of LaTeX :-).

But for now, my publishing rate will diminish greatly: I'm studying for my exams and I've got more of them than I want. But as TeX Hacks is on a posting spree with 4 interesting posts on 5 days I'd suggest you all move there for one month. And I'd like to thank for adding me to their aggregator, I can now reach a much broader audience.

I'll be giving a LaTeX course for an audience of science students in March, based on texdoc lshort-dutch. When I've got my slides and course material finished I'll publish them here, if you happen to be fluent in Dutch you might actually use them (too bad WordPress doesn't offer me statistics on the location of my visitors and using Google Analytics isn't possible). Expect to hear more from me in February.