Just when you think TeX and TikZ have reached their respective limit, there is someone pushing its boundaries. Antal S-Z's answer to Cool Text Highlighting in LaTeX (one of the lesser titles on TeX.se in my opinion) is just sheer awesomeness.

What they basically want to achieve is the visual effect of a person highlighting text using a text marker. And as humans are not that good in drawing straight lines, the highlighting is wiggly. So to give a document a more natural look, one could opt for these wiggly marker lines instead of soul's squarish output.

So after some amazing TeX hacking, his example output1:
Wiggly text markers in TeX: example output

Is this amazing or what? For howto's and such, please look at his answer.

1 I guess there's nothing wrong with hotlinking this, if there is a problem though, please tell me so.