In Luxembourg

For the time being we'll have an impromptu seminar, centered on topics in algebraic geometry and representation theory. It will be upgraded to a regular seminar at a later point. Talks are announced using the internal mailing list. Dates and times are also impromptu for now. Eventually there will also be an official webpage.

Below is the current schedule.

November 4, 2021
Hans Franzen
Positivity properties of moduli spaces of quiver representations
I will report on joint work in progress with P. Belmans, C. Damiolini, V. Hoskins, S. Makarova, and T. Tajakka.

The talk will be about (parts of) a geometric proof, using dimension estimates, that a certain line bundle on a moduli space of semi-stable quiver representations is ample, provided that the quiver is acyclic. This re-proves a known result on semi-invariants of quivers. We believe that our apporach can be used to provide estimates for the lowest degree in which semi-invariant functions exist.

In Bonn

I co-organised the Representation Theory Oberseminar at the University of Bonn. For other seminars related to the algebras and representation theory group, see the group's website.

I also organised several graduate student seminars.

In Antwerp

I co-organised the weekly departmental seminar, for which there is a mailing list.

I also organised ANAGRAMS, a graduate student seminar, centered around the topics of (noncommutative) algebra and algebraic geometry.